Save Water and Still Spray the Heck Out of Things

We carry 60 gallons of fresh water that we use daily for washing faces, hands and dishes. Our on-board shower is the bathroom sink’s handheld faucet with a drain in the bathroom floor. Almost everything in the bathroom gets wet if you’re showering with wild abandon but we have many convenient cabinets and a clever… More Save Water and Still Spray the Heck Out of Things

Saint Michaels 

After many consecutive days of rain we were thrilled to wake up in a calm anchorage with the bay as smooth as glass. Just a normal Tuesday- we’re on our way to a marina but some people are working on the Chesapeake Bay. Also, hooray it’s my first cargo ship sighting. We’d been beating into… More Saint Michaels 

Into the Bay

We left last night’s marina in a heavy fog and beat the rain by less than an hour.   Soon it was raining and we determined that we’d have a three hour sail down the river to reach the Chesapeake Bay. Breakfast was served underway and we both ate standing up with Charles at the… More Into the Bay

Annual Boat Burning

Rain was predicted due to a tropical storm moving north from the Carolinas but the morning sky was bright blue with perfect white clouds.   Passing this bridge is always a treat because it means our home port is far behind. The day got cloudier as the afternoon progressed and soon it started pouring. We’d… More Annual Boat Burning